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♥ You can't have a better tomorrow, if you're still thinking about yesterday..

♥ I don't miss you, I miss who you used to be. And all our memories.

♥ I wonder why it's easy to say "I hate you" and so hard to say "I love you"

♥ Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much, and just go where your heart takes you

♥ Before you judge, act Before you speak, listen. Before you hate, love. Before you write, think. Before you quit, try.

♥ If you see me walking beside someone else, it's not because I like his company, It's because you weren't brave enough to walk by my side.

♥ When a girl says it's okay, I'm fine or don't worry about it, It's not okay, she is not fine and you should defently worry about it.

♥ So we fight through the hurt, and we cry and cry and cry and cry, Then we live and we learn, and we try and try and try and try.

♥ Behind my smile is a hurting heart, behind my laugh I'm falling apart, Look closer and you will see, The girl I am isn't me..

♥ My heart isfree. Take it



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